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Enovia Interview Questions and Answers

In this post, we are going to cover the answers for the frequently asked Interview questions in enovia.

1. What are the UI components in Enovia?
A. Command, Menu, Channel, Portal, Web form, Table

2. What is the significance of property registration in Enovia?
A. The main objective of property registration is to keep the reference. If we change the respective schema component name in future there is no need to change them in all programs since we get the name from property registration.

3. What is emxSystem.properties file?
A. emxSystem.properties file is the main application configuration file contains framework properties that apply to all applications, such as searching, file management, data management, etc.

4. What is the bootstrap file in enovia?

A. bootstrap file is a database connection file, defines which database is connected to 3dexperience platform. The bootstrap file will have the database information, through which the thick client will connect to the Oracle database.

5. Difference between stores and vaults?
Store: A store is a physical storage location for checked in files. All files checked in and used by Matrix is contained in a file store.
Vault: A vault is a logical storage location for business objects and administrative object. A vault is a grouping of like objects within the Matrix database.
Vaults fall into 2 categories:
• Business object vaults (you can have many).
• An Administration vault (only one exists, for admin objects).

6. What is the location?
ANS: It’s an alternate path or hostname for the captured Store. We have to give the pathname, port name, protocol name, hostname, FTP username and Password.

7. What is the site?
ANS: It’s a collection of locations. A site can be associated with a person or group object. When associated with a person, the site defines the list of locations preferred by a particular person. When associated with a group, the site defines the list of locations preferred by all members of the group.

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