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Enovia Interview Questions and Answers

1. Types of vaults ?
A: There are three Types of Vaults are there.
LOCAL: It is stored in the same eMatrix Database.
REMOTE: Remote vaults are used for loosely coupled databases, which allow two entirely different eMatrix installations to share data.
FOREIGN: Vault location is in the server location. A server entry area is provided. Allows data from virtually any source to be modeled as Matrix objects.

2. Which store has an advantage over others?
A: Captured Storage has better advantages than others.

3. What for “HashedNames” used in captured stores?
A: For Captured Stores only, select Hash Names if you want Captured stores to use filename hashing, which is the ability to scramble the file name. When file name hashing is on (the default), captured stores generate hashed names for
checked in files. Since the files for captured stores are physically stored on disk, the names are hashed to be recognized by eMatrix only. To maintain the uniqueness of the files we use hash names.

4. What are the parameters required for creating the captured store?
A: A pathname, port name, protocol name, hostname, index spaces, tablespaces

5. How do u relate a particular SITE to a Person?
A: While creating a person there is two option are there in defaults. You can relate the Site and Vault.

6. If the store is full, then what to do?
A: Lock the Store.

7. How to lock the STORE ?
A: Mark the checkbox available in Store.

8. Tell me the procedure to transfer all ADMIN objects from one eMatrix Database to another eMatrix Database?
A: Export ADMIN_TYPE TYPE_PATTERN into FILE filename;
Import ADMIN_TYPE TYPE_PATTERN from FILE filename ;

9. Tell me the procedure to transfer all Business Objects from one eMatrix Database to another eMatrix Database?
A: Export VAULT vaultname into FILE filename;
Import VAULT vaultname from FILE filename;

10. How do u take a backup of the particular vault?
A: By importing those Business Objects to other storage location.

11. Where the Vaults, Store, Site will be created?

A: In System (Thick-client) or By using MQL.

12. What are the parameters required for creating Remote Vault?
A: While creating a remote Vault we have to only give the server address.

13. Explain Remote Vault ?
A: To share the Vault through multiple servers.

14.What access to be given to a person and where it has to be mentioned if he needs to access System modler?
A: We have to give him the Privilege of System admin while creating a person.

15.How do you change your eMatrix database to another?

A: by changing the bootstrap file.

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