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If you are attended any interview on enoiva before, you might know that without question on Triggers interview won't be completed. Triggers play a vital role in enovia customization and development.

 In this post, I have provided the commonly asked questions on triggers in the enovia interview. If you want to gain some knowledge of triggers other than the interview point of view, you can check my other post for a detailed explanation of Triggers.

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Enovia Interview Questions on Triggers:

1. What is meant by triggers?
A. Triggers are used to implement the business rules in enoiva and used to control the behavior of many functions. Triggers are always executed on specific events like Create, Promote, Modify, Demote. There are three types of triggers Check, Override and Action

2. What are the types of triggers?
A. There are three types of triggers they are Check, Override and Action.
Check: a Check trigger that fires before the event occurs
Action: an Action trigger that fires after the event occurs
Override: an Override trigger that can replace the event transaction

3. If Override trigger fails then the event is successful or not?
A. It is successful

4. If Action trigger fails then the event is successful or not?

A. If the action trigger fails then the event fails and the transaction will be rolled back.

5. What are the event triggers on Type?

A. Different types of events on types are create, addinterface, connect, modifyattribute, changename, copy, modifydescription, changeowner, create, removefile, changepolicy,  delete, removeinterface

6. What is the event triggers on Attribute?
A. There is only one event on attribute that is modify

7. What is the event triggers on Relationship?
A. There are different types of events on relationships some of them are create, delete, modifyattribute, freeze, thaw

8. What is the event triggers on Policy state?
A. Some of the events performed on policy state are promote, demote, approve, reject, enable, disable, ignore

9. What is the type name for trigger objects?
A. "eService Trigger Program Parameters" is the Type name for all trigger objects.

10. Trigger object stored in which vault?
A. All the trigger objects are stored in "eService Administration" vault.

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