Essential Intellij IDEA Shortcuts - PLM Developer

Intellij IDEA most popular IDE in Java. Intellij offers two editions community and Ultimate, Community edition is free whereas Ultimate edition is paid.

IntelliJ Ultimate supports a more no of languages than the IntelliJ Community, including JavaScript, SQL, CSS, Python, PHP, and more.

IntelliJ IDEA Shortcuts 

Double Shift - Search Everywhere
Ctrl + E - Show recent files 
Ctrl + G - Go to line
Ctrl + Tab - Switch  Files Tabs
Ctrl + Alt + L - Format code
Ctrl + Alt + V - Extract local variable
Ctrl + Alt + M - Extract method
Ctrl + Y - Delete lies
Ctrl + D - Copy / Duplicate Lines
Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow - Move cursor to Left
Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow - Move cursor to Right

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