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A bill of materials is a list of parts needed to manufacture a particular product. BOM is often used in engineering, where the BOM is used to plan the production of a device. A BOM consists of two types of items - components and subcomponents. Components can be physical objects that form the finished product, while subcomponents are smaller components of the final product.

 Bill Of Materials


What is the Bill Of Materials

  1. BOM stands for the bill of materials. A BOM is a list of parts needed to manufacture a particular item. BOM is typically used in manufacturing industries that want to produce many different items from the same design.
  2. BOMs are usually created using computer software called a BOM editor or PLM Softwares. There are several BOM editors, including Microsoft Excel, PLM Tools, and others.
  3. BOMs are often used in engineering projects. Engineers create a BOM based on their designs and then share it with manufacturers. They ask manufacturers to quote prices for the parts needed to produce the final product.
  4. Once the manufacturer quotes a price, engineers compare this to the original BOM. Any differences between the two BOMs indicate errors in the original design.
  5. Engineers may also use a BOM to determine whether a certain part is worth producing. For example, if a company wants to produce 10,000 widgets but only needs 1,000, it would likely skip the production of the remaining 9,000 widgets.
  6. BOMs are also used to estimate costs before starting a project. Engineers use BOMs to calculate material usage, labor hours, and other factors to help predict the cost of a project.
  7. BOMs are commonly used in manufacturing industries. However, they are also used by service providers, architects, and other professionals.
  8. “BOM” is derived from the word “bill of materials.” It was first introduced in the 1950s when engineers began using computers to manage large amounts of data.

Engineering bill of materials (EBoM)

An engineering bill of materials is a type of BOM used in manufacturing engineering. An EBoM lists the individual parts and their quantities needed to produce a specific quantity of a manufactured item.

Manufacturing bill of materials (MBoM)

The manufacturing bill of material is a document that details the raw materials and equipment that went into making a single unit. It is usually created after the initial design phase and before fabrication begins.

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