9 Must-Know Windows Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Windows 10 is the most popular computer operating System in the world. So many people use Microsoft Windows in all its forms worldwide, and it's not surprising that you may not be aware of numerous tips, tricks, and hacks.


Windows operating system includes numerous functions that are intended to save you time. We've listed nine of our favorite hacks and methods to help Windows function better for you, and if you have Windows 7, we've explored 9 excellent tips.

9 Must-Know Windows Hacks to Simplify Your Life 

God Mode

Use the "God Mode" folder to access your control panel settings in one place. To create the "God Mode" folder, create a new folder on your desktop and name it "God Mode. 


When you open this folder, you will see a list of all control panel settings organized by category.


Pin to taskbar  

Make the most of your taskbar using the "Pin to taskbar" feature. Right-click on any program or folder and select "Pin to taskbar" to add it to your taskbar for quick and easy access. You can customize the taskbar by right-clicking on it and selecting "Taskbar settings." 


Snipping Tool

Use the "Snipping Tool" to take screenshots of specific areas on your screen. This is especially useful for capturing images or text that cannot be easily copied. To find the Snipping Tool, type "Snipping Tool" into the search bar on your taskbar and select it from the results. 


New desktop

Set up multiple virtual desktops to keep your work organized and reduce clutter. To create a new virtual desktop, click on the task view button (located next to the search bar on your taskbar) and then click on the "New desktop" button. You can switch between virtual desktops by clicking the task view button and selecting the desktop you want to switch to. 


Keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to save time and streamline your workflow. For example, pressing Ctrl + C copies selected text or images, and pressing Ctrl + V pastes them. You can find a list of all keyboard shortcuts by typing "Keyboard shortcuts" into the search bar on your taskbar and selecting "Keyboard shortcuts for Windows" from the results. 



Use the "Run" dialog box to open programs or access specific folders quickly. To open the "Run" dialog box, press Windows + R on your keyboard. You can then type in the name of the program or folder you want to open and press "Enter" to launch it. 


Quick Access

Use the "Quick Access" feature in File Explorer to access your frequently used files and folders. To add a file or folder to Quick Access, right-click on it and select "Pin to Quick Access." You can then access these files and folders by clicking on the "Quick Access" option in the left-hand pane of File Explorer. 


Clear Type Text Tuner

Use the "Clear Type Text Tuner" to improve the readability of text on your screen. To access the Clear Type Text Tuner, type "ClearType" into the search bar on your taskbar and select "Adjust ClearType text" from the results. Follow the prompts to fine-tune the appearance of text on your screen. 


System Restore

Use the "System Restore" feature to roll back your System to a previous state in case of problems. To access the System Restore feature, type "System Restore" into the search bar on your taskbar and select it from the results. Follow the prompts to choose a restore point and restore your System to a previous state.

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